ebay auctions, cool boxes, items for outdoor and camping

ebay auctions, cool boxes, items for outdoor and camping and more

Quality at reasonable prices:
Our extensive range consists exclusively of quality products from well-known brand manufacturers. You will not find inexpensive low-cost goods and doubtful baits. We only supply you with quality.

You will find outdoor, household items, juicers, cool boxes, compressor coolers, mini refrigerators, cooling bags, spirit cookers, mains adapter, mobile kitchen. The following items are also included in the program from brand-name manufacturers: Household Appliances such as Breadmaker, Kitchen Machines, Absorber-Coolbox, Juicer, Mixer, Multifunctional Printer, Network Adapter, Mobile Kitchen, Outdoor, Spiritus Cooker, Steamers, Fryers, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Accessories.

In particular coolers are enjoying a growing popularity.
Compressor coolers achieve excellent cooling and freezing results. Depending on the model cooling capacities of up to -22 ° C are possible. Absorption coolers can be operated with battery power, AC power or gas. Other pluses: Almost absolutely noiseless operation.Thermoelectric coolers achieve depending on the model, a cooling capacity of up to 30 ° C below ambient temperature. Some thermoelectric coolers also an additional heating function is available.Passive coolers are equipped with an extremely effective insulation. If the coolers stocked with cool packs or ice cubes, then they keep food, fish, bait fish and game food fresh for a long time.